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John Petersen John Petersen

John Petersen has always had a dedication towards the importance of preserving life stories. His interest in photography has ranged from setting up a darkroom for printing and developing film at age 10, to traveling extensively since his early 20's with sophisticated photography equipment in hand, to today's modern video technology environment where a professional high definition video camera is almost always a traveling companion.

John has lived, worked and journeyed through more than 50 countries. His global experiences have provided him with a very special perspective of the world we live in, its diverse cultures, the unique individuality of people, and the extraordinary gift of life.

Prior to founding Across Time, John was an executive in the international airline industry for many years in roles ranging from sales and marketing to general management. He has also worked as a travel escort and courier operating on extensive motor coach tours throughout Europe to personally enhance the enjoyment of travel experiences by customers, as well as keeping a close eye on their welfare and security needs.

John has always displayed strong leadership and communication skills. He approaches life with a high level of energy, and likes to have fun!

Brian Jamieson

 Brian Jamieson

Brian Jamieson was a Marketing and Distribution Executive for Warner Bros Theatrical and Home Entertainment divisions for 30 years.

Brian Jamieson started producing and collaborating on documentaries in 1995.  His first one,  The Making of Tommy Knockers, was quickly followed by The Wild Bunch: An Album in Montage, which became the first documentary from a Studio Home Entertainment Company to ever garner an Academy Award nomination.

In 2002, Jamieson tapped renowned film historian / filmmaker, Richard Schickel to write and direct Charlie: The Life & Art of Charles Chaplin (Executive in Charge of Production). Its debut and World Premiere at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival was pivotal in stimulating a major resurgence and worldwide rediscovery of Chaplin’s masterpieces.

Jamieson and Schickel continued their creative collaboration painstakingly restoring over 47 minutes of lost footage to reconstruct Fuller’s original cut of the film The Big Red One. The 25 year old film was named in 12 different Top Ten Best Films Lists in 2004 and went on to win 5 major awards.

Jamieson’s ongoing slate of pictures includes his directorial debut, TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN : KA SHEN’S JOURNEY,  the life story of award winning actress, Nancy Kwan. This wonderful life story has been released publicly. For more information, visit www.kashensjourney.com

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